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If one or more of the following apply ......

You have more liabilities than assets.

You can’t pay your debts as they fall due.

You are trading at
a loss.

You have ceased trading with liabilities you can’t settle.

…then a Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) might be right for your company.

What is a CVL?

A CVL is a formal insolvency procedure in which the directors of a financially distressed company choose to voluntarily liquidate the company and wind down it’s affairs. The decision to initiate a CVL is typically made when a company can no longer meet its financial obligations and the directors believe that the best course of action is to wind up the company in an orderly and controlled manner. The process involves appointing a licensed insolvency practitioner to act as liquidator, who will investigate the company’s affairs and ensure that all assets (if any) are realised and distributed fairly among creditors. Once the liquidation process is complete, the company will be dissolved.

How It Works

Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

“I have worked within the SFP Restructuring team for over 14 years and specialise in liquidations. I have helped thousands of directors, just like you, to successfully wind up their company’s affairs. I do however appreciate, for most, this will be the first time you have had to liquidate a company and it can be a worrying time.

As such, our approach is always sympathetic regardless of the circumstances. We will review the company’s position and help you understand the options available. We also value being open and transparent and if liquidation is the right way forward we will fully explain the process and timescales involved. We will then continue to remain on hand to assist throughout the entire liquidation process.

Richard Hunt – Director 

Richard is a qualified Insolvency Practitioner and Chartered Accountant, holding the JIEB, ACA and CPI qualifications. Check out Richard‘s credentials on the government Insolvency Service website.

“I have worked within the SFP Restructuring team for over 17 years and specialise in turnaround and restructuring work . I have a mixed client base of mainly lenders (a number of which are household names) and accountants (a number of which are top 100 firms of Chartered Accountants).

I am always delighted to assist Directors (referred to me by my client base) in finding solutions to some of the most challenging problems, which include post-covid debts (CBILs, RLS & BB loans), HMRC arrears and general creditor pressure.

I am proud to say that I enjoy working with the directors / management to find alternative solutions to avoid insolvency.

David Kemp – Director 

David is a qualified Insolvency Practitioner holding JIEB and CPI qualifications. David is a member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3). Check out David‘s credentials on the government Insolvency Service website.

“I joined the SFP team in 2020 and specialise more on the solvent liquidation side. We have however seen a significant increase in the last year in insolvent liquidation.

In fact Government statistics support this by showing that increasing numbers of companies are facing problems paying their debts as they fall due and that consequently many company directors are reluctantly looking to insolvency procedures for an orderly closure.

In many cases these difficulties are caused by problems beyond the company’s control, but directors can take control of the situation by voluntarily placing a company into a winding-up process when faced with the inevitable.

Experienced practitioners at SFP can provide information on the appropriate routes available and can advise directors on the steps they can (/should) take to protect creditors and minimise their own liability.

David Kerr – Associate

David is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. He gained his insolvency experience in Chartered Accountant practices in London, Manchester & Cardiff before a move into regulation, leading teams in the two principal Recognised Professional Bodies, including a ten-year spell as CEO of the Insolvency Practitioners Association. David is a fellow of the IPA and the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. His role with SFP is focused on solvent liquidations (MVL), and he can be found on the government Insolvency Service website.

Our Liquidation Experts

“As a member of the specialist liquidation team, and having been with the group for 12 years, I find most satisfaction in speaking to directors where I know we can assist in resolving their issues and solving problems.

It is quite natural for directors to hope a problem will disappear without any external intervention, we all know that in the real world this is not the case. Having spoken to hundreds, if not thousands of directors, the relief in sharing a problem is tangible.

We are not here to judge or press directors into making rash decisions, the guidance and information we provide allows directors to make informed and timely decisions, our engagement pack and frequently asked questions provide the peace of mind they are seeking before considering the next steps.

I believe the service we provide, offering support with no obligation or commitment from the director is unrivalled.”

Patrick Hogan – Senior Consultant

Pat has 12 years of experience in insolvency. As a Member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3) and having worked with a variety of different businesses, including SMEs and family-owned, Pat always has a sympathetic approach with directors and understands the difficulties of financial distress.

“I am always on hand with free and impartial advice for businesses. Give me a call and we can run through your options, there are a number of ways we can help bring you some peace of mind.”

Bradley Durrant – Senior Consultant

Bradley has 20 years of experience in the insolvency industry. He specialises in advising distressed businesses and their stakeholders, including directors, creditors and shareholders. Bradley prides himself on being a problem solver and with extensive knowledge across a range of business sectors.

“In recent months we have seen companies in various financial situations, across various sectors seeking help. SFP fortunately has professionals and experts with experience in a variety of insolvency processes.”

Molly Smith – Senior Consultant

Molly is part of the team who are the first point of contact for businesses and directors seeking guidance. She will assess the company‘s situation and advise on the best possible solutions.

“A quick chat with us and we can put you on track to liquidating your company in as little as 10 days. We can also advise on other solutions, so if in doubt give us call.”

Jordan Thompson – Consultant

Jordan has been assisting companies and directors in financial difficulty with SFP since March 2022. Having dealt with a number of businesses in a variety of sectors, Jordan can ensure these companies get the help they need.

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Why use our services?

Fully Licensed IPs.

Our Insolvency Practitioners are fully licensed by the IPA (Insolvency Practitioners Association).

Protect your personal affairs.

Directors have responsibilities and can face personal liabilities – talk to SFP about any concerns you may have regarding your personal situation and / or Director duties.


Free and simple, no jargon advice.

Get treated with respect and integrity, we aim to ensure that you will never feel confused or overwhelmed by the process.

Be informed all through the process.

Your account manager is on hand to provide updates and ensure you’re up to speed.

We do all the hard work.

Once in liquidation, we will close your company and take control of its affairs for you.

Simple fixed price structure.

Placing your company into liquidation is straightforward with our fixed fee structure.